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About Me

Clients who work with me benefit from twenty years’ leadership experience in major organisations, including Hewlett-Packard (France), the National Health Service and the National Institute for Health Research.

I have also studied improvement theory with Warwick University Business School, leadership with Ashridge Business School and innovation with INSEAD Business School (Paris).

I have an ILM 7 (Institute of Leadership and Management) Certificate in Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.

​I was an executive in the National Institute for Health Research during the Covid-19 pandemic. As interim CITO, I was part of the team that, under intense pressure, organised the UK government’s urgent research response, successfully recruiting more than one million participants to covid treatment and vaccine research. Throughout this time I retained my role as a voluntary wellbeing support leader, looking after my colleagues and the health of my organisation.

​My approach to coaching is informed by more than just my professional life. I am known internationally for my writing on self-managing teams and progressive organisations. I have a life-long interest in philosophical enquiry and personal growth which has developed into a daily yoga and meditation practice. Born in the UK, I have travelled extensively in Latin America, lived in France and worked in corporate America.

While achieving success at work, I’ve also gained knowledge variously as a single parent, adoptive parent, step-parent and a parent of a child with special needs. I’ve been an advocate for improved end of life care, which has led me to speak at the Houses of Parliament, and I have helped to build a library for disadvantaged children on the remote island of Anapia, Lake Titicaca, Peru.

All of which has led me to a deep understanding of balance in life and in work.

Which you can get, condensed every Sunday.

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